Our survey team draw upon their extensive knowledge of measuring retail, office and industrial portfolios to speed up negotiations and transactions of this vital asset.

We understand how important the timely delivery of area measurement reports can be and have invested in the latest data capture technologies to meet this requirement. Detailed floor plans are produced in real time enabling our surveyors to verify results on site to ensure their accuracy.

As a firm of chartered surveyors all properties are surveyed in accordance with the latest RICS Code of Measuring Practice or International Property Measurement Standard. The recognised surveying standard for retail and office is Net Internal Area (NIA). The recognised surveying standard for industrial property is Gross Internal Area (GIA).

Atlantic Geomatics are also experienced at measuring retail premises including large shopping centres. Retail Zoning (ITZA) is a standard way of measuring retail premises for valuation purposes. It recognises that the most valuable part of the retail premises is towards the front of the property, nearest the display window. Your retail premises are divided into a number of zones:

  • Each of these zones normally has a depth of 6.1 metres (20 feet)
  • The first zone, nearest the display window is zone A
  • The next 6.1 metre zone is Zone B and the next Zone C
  • The zones will continue back from the front of the property until the entire depth of the retail area has been zoned
  • Anything after Zone C is defined as the remainder
  • The zoned area will include any space created by using non-structural walls or partitions

From our headquarters in Penrith we are ideally situated to mobilise teams across the UK.

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