For centuries the maintenance of burial records has been confined to written registers and books together with hand drawn maps and plans. The value of this, our heritage, cannot be underestimated.

The award winning Burial Ground Management System (BGMS) is a secure, easy to use solution that will hold and protect your records and provide you with numerous additional benefits.

Based on an accurate, up-to-date and interactive map our unique and comprehensive system brings with it a host of immediate benefits:

  • The BGMS is secure and online. We will host your digital maps and records thus eliminating the risk of theft, fire and flood, which could damage or destroy your irreplaceable documents
  • The BGMS is easy to access, anytime and anywhere
  • The BGMS has simple tools to enable you to add or update a record, search for a grave, map a reserved plot, view record details, upload images and analyse your records, all in one place
  • The BGMS map shows the location of each grave and memorial, the footprint of any buildings, trees, flora and fauna, paths, buildings, benches and signs
  • The BGMS will also help you with forward planning, conservation management or tree preservation

With the BGMS you can also:

  • Turn map layers on and off
  • Measure distances or calculate areas
  • Add new graves or memorials
  • Print your own maps
  • Help visitors to find relatives graves
  • Carry out easy searches to find specific graves by names or date or age ..and much more

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