The Requirement:

The Government of Gibraltar have a vision to improve access to, and the quality and benefits of, all land and property information. This will enable the provision of efficient emergency and essential services, reduce costs and avoid duplication and ad-hoc development.

Atlantic Geomatics were contracted to facilitate the set up of a Gibraltar Land Information Service (GLIS) by using a structured approach that is driven by users, but which operates within an agreed framework.

The Solution

Key activities in the set up of the GLIS included:

  • Creation, development and installation of a comprehensive geo-database
  • Creation of a national register of addresses
  • Ensuring data interoperability between departments
  • Training of Government personnel
  • Development of Government policy guidelines

Atlantic Geomatics used a number of proprietary and open source tools to customise data collection, processing and delivery, including ESRI ArcGIS and ArcPad, Python, QGIS and PostgreSql.

Additional tools were created for government users to maintain their data in QGIS by creating plugins to extend the functionality of the software.

In addition to the development of a fully functioning Geographic Information System.

The Conclusion

Every Government department will benefit of GLIS. Primarily the General Public will benefit from improved services.

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