Atlantic Geomatics Survey Skills

15th May 2019

Atlantic Geomatics "Survey Skills” session at Ullswater Community College

Atlantic Geomatics were asked to deliver a "Survey Skills” session to some Geography A-Level students at Ullswater Community College, to help inspire them into thinking about their futures and show them how geography could lead to a diverse career.


The students are required to undertake a practical, independent investigation within their Geography A-Level studies. Two of our team, UAV operator Jamie Howe and Land Surveyor Rebecca Williamson delivered a two-hour session with the students, teaching them all about the survey profession and helping them create ideas to research for their field investigations. Atlantic Geomatics often undertake river cross sections as well as beach profile surveys, which Rebecca and Jamie were able to explain, and work with the students to create ideas using basic surveying principals to aid their independent projects.


Our surveyors produced a short presentation, showing the students the various skills and survey methods, we use daily, as well as the varied jobs we undertake locally. They then held a short outside practical session where the students were able to use GPS and Total stations to undertake short topographic surveys. The students were then able to observe Jamie operate the UAV and learn about the use of modern technology within the survey industry.

"It was great to see the students get excited about survey and the technologies within it, I hope that our session allows them to carry out an exciting and engaging project.” -Jamie Howe, UAV operator.

"I remember when I was at school, I had never heard of surveying. so it was great to introduce the Students to the profession. They were very engaged, and I think we helped enthuse them about the potential careers within geography.” – Rebecca Williamson, Land Surveyor.

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