Congratulations Jamie – you’ve got your wings!

28th October 2016

Jamie Howe has reached new heights and is now a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved pilot for Atlantic Geomatics!

Jamie started with the company back in 2015 after completing a degree in Environmental Earth Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.   Jamie was drawn to the company, after Atlantic Geomatics purchased an Aibot X6 Vs Hexacopter from Aibotix in early 2015.  This high-tech piece of equipment provides a new insight to surveying, offering cost cutting processes and high quality imagery. 

Over the last year, Jamie has completed rigorous training to become competent in both land and aerial surveys.  Assessments started at the beginning of June, when Jamie experienced a week in Germany with our UAV supplier, Aibotix.  This involved four days completing practical training, flying the UAV, learning manoeuvres and how to care for the equipment.  The final day was to learn about aircraft knowledge, aviation safety, air law, flight performance, human performance and limitations, meteorology and operational procedures. 

Jamie went on to complete a three-day course in Edinburgh, to complete RUSTA’s Remote Pilot Certificate.  RUSTA’s first phase offered a classroom based theory training, covering modules ranging from Flight Planning to Emergency Procedures over a two-day period.  On the third day, Jamie had to complete a theory exam. Phase 2 involves an Ops Manual Assessment, where candidates are given 15 days to produce a manual detailing the way they would conform to regulations and safety standards. 

As part of RUSTA’s course, Jamie then had to attend a practical exam.  This was to prove his competence operating the UAV, his ability to handle manoeuvres and to analyse his reactions in emergencies. Jamie passed with flying colours, for which he received the RPCS award and the ability to apply for PFAW from the CAA. 

Well done to Jamie as he has finally received the necessary CAA certification to carry out aerial surveys.

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