Cumbria Post Flood Event Surveys

15th December 2015

The impact of the heavy rainfall from Storm Desmond caused severe damage to homes, infrastructure and huge areas of land across Northern England. The amount of rainfall resulted in numerous record river levels across Cumbria in areas such as Carlisle, Cockermouth and Kendal. Below is a picture taken using our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of Pooley Bridge just after it collapsed.


Following the floods Atlantic Geomatics have been hard at work assisting The Environment Agency carrying out Post Flood Event Surveys at affected locations throughout Cumbria. Post flooding surveys are crucial for The Environment Agency to plan for future events. The bulk of the work consists of surveying and marking the flood levels and extent to which the water reached. This ‘wrack mark’ is surveyed using GPS or a level & staff and includes a photo record to be referenced in the final report.


Atlantic Geomatics Business Manager Oliver Viney commented, "All of our team live locally and have been affected by the recent floods. There was no hesitation from anyone to do whatever we could to help. We’ve been working closely with The Environment Agency staff who are doing a fantastic job to collect as much data as quickly as possible.”


"I also have to thank all of our clients who are being very patient as this work has taken us off some existing projects we were working on. They have been very understanding of the situation.”


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