Employee of the Year 2017

20th March 2018

2017 came to a close and so did the busy year at Atlantic Geomatics; at the end of each year our staff members are recognised and vote for who would be the Employee of the Year. All staff are eligible whether they are topographical, building or utility surveyors and every one of them adds something to make Atlantic Geomatics better.

However, 2017 was a year where our winner had wiped the field with the number of votes she got, 2017 was the year for Teresa Furness.



This vote was clear due to the amount of work she put into help us achieve our business goals. Teresa works tirelessly keeping the business ticking and although she’s never conducted a topographical survey it doesn’t stop her. The following up of all documents needed by each individual staff member and the ensuring that the office and staff had all necessary equipment and items it was clear who would win it. Also highlighting that Teresa had to one woman a million different jobs proved how efficient and valuable she is in the Atlantic Geomatics team.

Well done Teresa.

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