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A detailed topographic survey has many uses across the natural and built environments. Typically they are conducted on a set parcel of land to depict natural/man made features and elevation changes giving you a clear picture prior to any planned works.

The experience of our teams means we can complete any of the following types of surveys:


  • Setting out

  • Route feasibility

  • Volume calculation

  • As built surveys

Detail is accurately measured and the deliverables issued to meet our clients specific requirements or RICS standards. These can range from simple 2D contour plans to detailed 3D AutoCAD drawings.


We are proud to work closely with The Environment Agency, rivers trusts and local councils in providing comprehensive and accurate surveys on a huge range of waterways and coastlines.

With truly unrivalled experience and the necessary equipment ready at hand, Atlantic Geomatics have the capability to perform an array of river and coastal surveys including:


  • River threshold level surveys

  • River and coastline sections

  • Erosion and monitoring surveys

  • Post flood/storm surveys

  • Shallow hydrographic survey

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We can provide you with detailed data that is accurately measured. We can record movement using precise digital levels, movement detectors, refectorless total stations and other survey instruments.

Monitoring work includes:

  • Movement monitoring

  • Precise levelling

  • Deformation monitoring

  • Coastal erosion monitoring

  • Ground water monitoring


This type of survey, sometimes referred to as a traverse survey, is to establish control networks or survey stations along a line or path of travel. The previously surveyed points are then used as a reference to survey the next control along the line of travel.
It is of particular use when constructing or carrying out maintenance work on roads, rail or canal networks.

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