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River Ehen, West Cumbria

Gentle Stream


Client:  The Environment Agency

Duration:  2 Months

Services:  Topographic/Monitoring Survey

Atlantic Geomatics were commissioned to undertake the relevant surveys on behalf of the Environmental Agency at various locations along the River Ehen in West Cumbria.

A cross section, topographic and banks survey of the River Ehen and catchment area were completed to aid flood risk assessment.


A network of both vertically and horizontally controlled survey stations were established throughout the survey area using network RTK GPS.

To strengthen EABM networks, three new E6's were installed.

The topography survey was carried out using Trimble Stations, Network RTK and base and rover RTK GPS. All major surface features were included within the survey.

All mapped features have been heightened and all relate to Ordnance Datum Newlyn.

The survey as a whole has been checked for high quality throughout by Atlantic Geomatics Senior Surveyor, John Baggs.


  • Cross section and location and long plans completed to EA spec and on EA layouts

  • Topographical completed of bank and flood plain

The survey completed by Atlantic Geomatics produced section and longitudinal data at predefined locations, to help assess flood defences along the river course. This could be used to identify any deficiencies to those defences and enable a closer look at the channel beds.

We also collected crest levels and to identify any low points. These low points can be used by the Environment Agency to decide whether any remedial work is required. 

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