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Borough of Halton


Client:  Merseylink

Duration:  Summer/Autumn 2014

Services:  Underground Utility Survey

Halton Borough Council required a second road crossing over the River Mersey. The existing Silver Jubilee Bridge currently carries 80,000 vehicles every day, ten times the number it was originally designed for, and the new bridge will ease congestion and bring a number of economic benefits to the area.

The Merseylink consortium was appointed to design and build the six-lane toll bridge over The River Mersey in March 2014. Atlantic Geomatics were required to complete underground utility surveys of various locations around Runcorn and Widnes, to support the construction and the design of the new bridge infrastructure.


Atlantic Geomatics carried out Underground Utility Surveys at various locations to determine the location and depths of underground services. The surveys were carried out in accordance with The Survey Association guidance notes as they were completed before the launch of the new industry standard, PAS128.

Services were initially scanned using an RD8000 electromagnetic detection unit allowing us to identify and record any services. Once traced the survey areas were scanned using an IDS Detector Duo ground penetrating radar (GPR) system to confirm service locations and to give every opportunity to locate any unknown services.

Services were then marked up on site and surveyed using Trimble GPS equipment and processed in the office to be overlain onto the existing site topographical surveys.

The final deliverables produced both 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings and Virtual Trial Holes. This provided the Merseylink design team accurate service information, allowing them to make informed decisions and to plan the project accordingly.


Atlantic Geomatics provided Merseylink with an accurate digital representation of all of the identifiable Underground Utilities that were likely to impact their design. This critical information is vital to the success of their project and providing information their design team can rely on is invaluable.

Our survey plays an important part of the construction of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, scheduled for completion in autumn 2017. The bridge itself will bring with it a whole host of economic and social benefits to the region. You can find out more about the project by visiting the Mersey Gateway website or following them on twitter @merseygateway.

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