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Aerial surveying is a safe and efficient way to carry out surveys of inaccessible areas such as tall buildings or quarries allowing you to safely capture high resolution images and video. The images can be converted into detailed and accurate 3D surface models and point clouds using photogrammetric techniques. 

In addition to surveying, Drones are a great tool for carrying out inspections of hard to reach places such as roof tops or aerial masts. They can also be used to document progress on a long term construction project capturing an entire site from the air giving you a whole new perspective on your site.

All flights are conducted by our Civil Aviation Authorised pilot in accordance with our Operations manual. 


Bathymetric surveys allow us to measure the depth of a body of water as well as map its underwater features. We are able to adopt multiple methods including multi-beam and single-beam surveys. 

Our clients use our bathymetric surveying services to calculate volumes of large bodies of water such as reservoirs, to determine silt build up over time or to map the beds of rivers to better understand flood risk to an area.

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Confined space surveys allow accurate spatial data to be collected within a confined space environment. Our team of trained surveyors have experience of carrying out surveys in a range of confined space environments including caves, culverts and underground pumping stations.

Our preferred method is to use a laser scanner which allows accurate measurements to be taken quickly and provides complete coverage of all the visible areas.


Mobile mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile platform. Using the Leica Pegasus: Backpack we are able to combine imagery and point cloud data to enable our clients to visualise, record and measure an environment quickly and accurately.

One data collection method provides multiple outputs. Busy urban environments, major pedestrian routes, roads and railways and large buildings can now be surveyed in a matter of days not weeks.

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